African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (AfJARE)

Journal Africain d’Économie Agricole et des Ressources (JAEAR)

Published by the African Association of Agricultural Economists (AAAE)

ISSN 1993-3738

Volume 6, No. 2 (September 2011)


A stochastic approach to evaluation livestock marketing policy initiative.

Katherine Baldwin, Ken Foster and Keithly Jones


Measuring the effect of transaction costs for investment in irrigation pump:  application of the unobserved stochastic threshold model to the case of Nigeria

Hiroyuki Takeshima, Adetola Adeoti and Sheu Salau

Impact du changement climatique sur la productivité des cultures céréalières dans la région de Béja (Tunisie)

Ali Chebil, Nadhem Mtimet and Hassen Tizaoui


Constraints to diversification of poor fishery-dependent households in Cameroon

Rudolf Witt and Hermann Waibel


The role of varietal traits in the adoption of improved dryland crop varieties:  the case of pigeon pea in Kenya

Zipora Otieno, Julius Okello, Rose Nyikal, Agnes Mwang’ombe and Daniele Clavel

How to write a great paper in agricultural development and get it published

Hugo De Groote