African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (AfJARE)
Journal Africain d’Économie Agricole et des Ressources (JAEAR)

Published by the African Association of Agricultural Economists (AAAE)

ISSN 1993-3738

Volume 6, No. 1 (March 2011)


Recurrent shocks, poverty traps and the degradation of pastoralists’ social capital in southern Ethiopia

Wassie Berhanu

The effect of participation in the Ugandan National Agricultural Advisory Services on willingness to pay for extension services

Philip James, James Smart, Julian Smith, MT Bulling, Fen Beed and David Luwandagga

Distribution of welfare gains from GM cassava in Uganda across different population groups and market margins

Hiroyuki Takeshima

Inter-fuel substitution and dynamic adjustment in input demand: Implications for deforestation and carbon emission in Malawi

Benjamin Banda and Rashid Hassan

Expected economic benefits of meeting nutritional needs through biofortified cassava in Nigeria and Kenya

Abigail Nguema, George Norton, Marin Fregene, Richard Sayre and Mark Manary

Adoption of chemical fertilizer by smallholder farmers in the peanut basin of Senegal 

Mary Thuo, Boris Bravo-Ureta, Ibhrahim Hathie, Patrick Obeng-Asiedu