African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (AfJARE)
Journal Africain d’Économie Agricole et des Ressources (JAEAR)

Published by the African Association of Agricultural Economists (AAAE)

ISSN 1993-3738

Volume 5, No. 1 (September 2010) 


 Agriculture for deveopment in sub-Saharan Africa: An update

Alain de Janvry, Elisabeth Sadoulet

Towards sustainable systems of land administration: Recent evidence and challenges for Africa

Klaus Deininger

Institutional innovations for smallholder farmers' competitiveness in Africa

Willis Olouch-Kosura

Vulnerability, risk management and agricultural development

Marcel Fafchamps

Technological change in smallholder agriculture: Bridging the adoption gap by understanding its source

Aliou Diagne

The economics of agriculture in Africa: Notes toward a research programme

Christopher Udry