African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (AfJARE)
Journal Africain d’Économie Agricole et des Ressources (JAEAR)

Published by the African Association of Agricultural Economists (AAAE)

ISSN 1993-3738

Special Issue: Climate Change and African Agriculture, Guest Editors: Rashid Hassan, Ariel Dinar and Robert Mendelsohn

Volume 2, No. 1 (March 2008) 


A Ricardian analysis of the impact of climate change on African cropland

Pradeep Kurukulasuriya and Robert Mendelsohn

Climate change and poverty in Africa: Mapping hotspots of vulnerability

Philip K Thornton, Peter G Jones, Tom Owiyo, Russel L Kruska, Mario Herrero, Victor Orindi, Suruchi Bhadwal, Patti Kristjanson, An Notenbaert, Nigat Bekele and Abisalom Omolo

Turning up the heat on African agriculture: The impact of climate change on Cameroon's agriculture

Ernest L Molua

Animal husbandry in Africa: Climate change impacts and adaptations

S Niggol Seo and Robert Mendelsohn

Determinants of climate adaptation strategies of African farmers: Multinomial choice analysis

Rashid Hassan and Charles Nhemachena

Crop switching as a strategy for adapting to climate change

Pradeep Kurukulasuriya and Robert Mendelsohn