African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (AfJARE)

Journal Africain d’Économie Agricole et des Ressources (JAEAR)

Published by the African Association of Agricultural Economists (AAAE)
ISSN 1993-3738

Volume 12, No. 1 (March 2017) 


Evaluation de l'adoption des variétés de riz NERICA dans l'Ouest du Burkina Faso                1

Mathieu Ouédraogo and Dona Dakouo

The potential economic impact of Guinea-race sorghum hybrids in Mali: A comparison

of research and development paradigms                                                                                     17

Alpha Kergna, Melinda Smale, Amidou Assima, Abdoulaye Diallo, Eva Weltzien and

Fred Rattunde

Impact of infestation by parasitic weeds on rice farmers’ productivity and technical

efficiency in sub-Saharan Africa                                                                                                    35

Simon Akahoua N’cho, Monique Mourits, Matty Demont, Patrice Y. Adegbola and Alfons

Oude Lansink

Impact of increases in food prices on consumer welfare in Lesotho                                      51

Ervin Prifti, Silvio Daidone and Borja Miguelez

The effect of rainfall variability on sustainable wheat production under no-till farming

systems in the Swartland region, South Africa                                                                            62

D Crookes, J Strauss and JN Blignaut

Village savings and loan associations and household welfare: Evidence from Eastern and

Western Zambia                                                                                                                               85

Chibamba Mwansakilwa, Gelson Tembo, Maureen Mwamba Zulu and Mukata